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Call for Applications: Doctoral Consortium at Interspeech 2015

Prospective and current doctoral students from all speech-related disciplines are invited to apply for admission to the Doctoral Consortium to be held at Interspeech 2015 in Dresden, Germany. The doctoral consortium is aimed at providing students working on speech-related topics with an opportunity to discuss their doctoral research with experts from their fields, and to receive feedback from experts and peers on their PhD projects. The format of the Doctoral Consortium will be a one-day workshop prior to the main conference (6th September).

Multimedia Feature from Student Lunch at Interspeech 2014 online

Check out our multimedia feature from the student lunch event at Interspeech 2014!

Thanks to Rasmus Dall and Thomas Merritt for doing the interviews, to Jeanin Jügler for editing, and to everybody who contributed pictures!

Something new: Recently Completed PhD Theses

Our website has a new feature: Recently Completed PhD Theses!

If you have recently completed your PhD, you can submit information on your thesis (your name, University, supervisor, title of the thesis and a link to the document, if applicable) through this form (also accessible via the "Resources" menu on this page). This information will be published in a subsequent issue of ISCApad, the ISCA newsletter.

Interspeech 2014 Students Roundtable - Table ASR2: Automatic Speech Recognition

Topic: ASR

Expert: Murat Akbacak

Reporter: Angel Mario Castro Martinez


Students: Angel Mario Castro Martinez, Tim Schlippe, Zhen Huang, Min Ma, Dongpeng Chen



1 – Adaptation DNN

  • Accents, speakers and language adaptation

Interspeech 2014 Students Roundtable - Table TTS1: Text To Speech

Table: TTS1
Experts: Alan Black, David Winarsky
Reporter: Xin Wang


Interspeech 2014 Students Roundtable - Table REC2: Speaker Recognition/Verification/Diarization

Table: REC2
Expert: Najim Dehak
Reporter: Rohan Kumar Das


Interspeech 2014 Students Roundtable - Table REC1: Speaker Recognition/Verification/Diarization

Table: REC1
Expert: John Hansen
Reporter: Karthika Vijayan


As student attendees of Interspeech 2014, we were provided with this wonderful opportunity to have lunch with eminent personalities, who work in different research areas of speech signal processing. Several discussions ranging from recent trends in scientific research to career planning in industry and academia were triggered over the lunch table.


Interspeech 2014 Students Roundtable - Table MM1: Multimodality/Multimedia

Table: MM1
Expert: Alexandros Potamianos
Reporter: Fei Tao

Interspeech 2014 Students Roundtable - Table DIA: Machine Processing of Dialogue and Spontaneous Speech

Table: DIA

Experts: Joakim Gustafson, Alexander Rudnicky

Reporter: Inigo Casanueva


Interspeech 2014 Students Roundtable - Table ASR1: Automatic Speech Recognition

Table: ASR1

Expert: Isabel Trancoso

Reporter: Jochen Weiner

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