Interspeech2011' student lunch event - Reports

Dear ISCA students:

Thank you for your participation for the student event at Interspeech2011.

Below you can find the tables you joined and their students' reports. The reports are posted in ISCA-SAC blogs by the reporters, and all the participants are welcomed to comment on and reply to the reports for further discussions.

We expect your discussions and share of your experiences on the event, which would make it much more valuable.


Table 1 Multimodal Interaction
Seniors Björn Granström and Francesco Cutugno
Table 2 Multimedia&Multimodal Interaction
Seniors Helen Meng and Andrea Paoloni
Report by Shi ZiQiang
Table 3 Applications: Robotics, speech, industry
Seniors Antoine Raux and Mauro Falcone
Report by Thuy Tran
Table 4 Applications: Dialogue for education
Seniors Maxine Eskenazi and Giuseppe Riccardi
Report by Nicolas Cummins
Table 5 Machine Processing of Spontaneous Speech
Senior Elizabeth Shriberg
Report by Luis Pinto-Coelho
Table 6 Articulatory Modelling
Seniors Gerard Bailly and Claudio Zmarich
Table 7 Articulatory Models/Phonetics - feedback
Senior Roger Moore
Report by Maarten Versteegh
Table 8 Articulatory Models/Phonetics - phonetics and phonology
Senior John Ohala
Report by Leona Polyanskaya
Table 9 TTS - Speech and Open Source
Seniors Alan W Black and Mirko Grimaldi
Report by Tamás Gábor Csapó
Table 10 TTS - Expressive synthesis
Seniors Nick Campbell and Enrico Zovato
Report by Miaomiao Wen
Table 11 HMM TTS
Seniors Keiichi Tokuda and Fabio Tesser
Table 12 TTS - articulatory synthesis
Seniors Peter Birkholz and Cinzia Avesani
Report by Michael Wand
Table 13 ASR + ML for DS
Seniors Steve Young and Pietro Laface
Report by Christian Gillot
Table 14 ASR - Signal Processing
Seniors Abeer Alwan and Maurizio Omologo
Report by Ingrid Jafari
Table 15 Hybrid ASR
Senior Fabio Brugnara
Table 16 ASR and Machine Translation
Senior Hermann Ney
Report by Yeh Ching-Feng
Table 17 ASR in Industry
Seniors Michael Picheny and Paolo Baggia
Report by Madhavi Ratnagiri
Table 18 ASR + prosody
Seniors Julia Hirchberg and Roberto Gretter
Report by Catharine Oertel
Table 19 Prosody
Senior Hiroya Fujisaki
Report by Charlotte Wollermann
Table 20 Prosody
Seniors Mark Hasegawa-Johnson and Antonio Romano
Report by Mikhail Ordin