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Call for Participation MediaEval 2014 Multimedia Benchmark Evaluation:

MediaEval is a multimedia benchmark evaluation that offers tasks promoting research and innovation in areas related to human and social aspects of multimedia. MediaEval 2014 focuses on aspects of multimedia including and going beyond visual content, such as language, speech, music, and social factors. Participants carry out one or more of the tasks offered and submit runs to be evaluated.

MediaEval 2014 Call for Task Proposals

MediaEval Multimedia Benchmark

***Task proposal submission deadline: 21 December 2013***



MediaEval is a benchmarking initiative dedicated to evaluating new algorithms for multimedia access and retrieval. It emphasizes the 'multi' in multimedia and focuses on human and social aspects of multimedia tasks.

MediaEval is calling for proposals for tasks from researchers in academia and industry run in the 2014 benchmarking season.

Interspeech 2014 – Get ready for Singapore!

Interspeech 2014 – Visit our website!


Interspeech 2014 – Call for Workshop is now open!

Table #11 Multimodality/Multimedia

At this year’s student lunch event I was placed at the multimodal/multimedia table. The expert on this table was Helen Meng. We were a pretty small table compared to other tables with only four students which made it really nice and easy to talk to each other.

Interspeech 2013 Students Roundtable - Table #6 - Speech synthesis and voice conversion

In this Student Meets Experts session, we have two experts: Nick Campbell and Yao Qian. 4 students are working on fields related to speech synthesis. We started by briefly introducing our own research interests, and then discussed the challenges in speech synthesis research.

Nick Campbell: Trinity College Dublin (The University of Dublin)

Corpus-based approaches of speech synthesis and natural conversational speech collection in a multimodal environment


Interspeech 2013 Students Roundtable - Table #5 - ASR: Language Model

At our Student Meets Experts session, we were fortunate to have Frederic Bechet and Tanja Schultz to answer our questions. There were nine of us studying in different countries; Switzerland, England, Germany, France, USA and Italy. Ali Orkan Bayer (University of Trento), Justin Chiu (Carnegie Mellon University), Maryam Najafian(University of Birmingham), Ramya Rasipuram and Marzieh Razavi (Idiap Research Institute), Zixing Zhang (Technical University of Munich) and myself from Grenoble Informatics Laboratory.

Interspeech 2013 Students Roundtable - Table #9- Speech Applications

Eight students from all over the world met around a lunch table with two experts in speech processing: Julia Hirschberg and Maxine Eskenazi.


Interspeech 2013 Student Roundtable - Table #8 - Prosody

Date: 28th August, 2013

Topic: Prosody

Experts: Plínio A. Barbosa (University of Campinas, Brazil), Petra S. Wagner (Bielefeld University, Germany)

Interspeech 2013 Student Roundtable - Table #3 - "ASR & General Questions"

This report is a summary of events during the Student Roundtable discussion for Table #3 at Interspeech 2013. The expert present was Najim Dehak from MIT, and the topics varied in scope.

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