Submitted by Maria.Eskevich on Tue, 03/20/2012 - 23:58


One week before the Saint Patrick weekend more than 50 researchers gathered in Dublin to discuss innovations and (or 'on' as one of the keynote speakers would say) applications in speech technology. The event was thoughtfully organized by the team of UCD and TCD researchers and led by Dr. Joao Cabral and John Kane, with websupport by Amalia Zahra.

In two days this workshop managed to cover diverse topics of a wide range: from expressive speech and multimodal applications to dialogue and human-computer spoken interaction, and of course not to miss in the description the ideas of how to Rock the scientific style of work in the talk by Steve Gotz, the beautiful sound and futuristic appearance of new musical instruments synthesing a new world of music by Nicolas d'Alessandro, and new perspectives naturaleness of speech technologies in a key-note by Steve Renals.

Detailed program of the workshop with abstracts can be found on the IAST web-site, and some of the presentations and posters are to be found here.

In my opinion the format chosen for this workshop was perfect to present your research at any stage you are in (there were both options of oral session and posters, plus demos), to discuss the results and most importantly the plans. This year the submission required only the abstracts which means that there were more freedom in the material to present than at the time of the conferences where the whole paper is submitted long before the event.

The conversations about work were so interesting that they continued even at the walking tour part of the Social event and with a pint of old good Guinness in the highest pub in Ireland. That is the inspiration we are coming for at the workshops!

Thanks again for the organizers and hopefully there will be more IAST workshops to come in the future!