Dear ISCA students:

Thank you for your participation for the student event at Interspeech2012.

Below you can find the tables you joined and their students' reports. The reports are posted in ISCA-SAC blogs by the reporters, and all the participants are welcomed to comment on and reply to the reports for further discussions.

We expect your discussions and share of your experiences on the event, which would make it much more valuable.


Table 1 Multimedia IR (Report by Abe Kazemzadeh)
Experts Murat Saraclar and Gareth J.F. Jones
Table 2 ASR: Speaker recognition
Experts Jean-François Bonastre and Haizhou Li
Table 3 ASR: Signal processing (Report by Hannes Pessentheiner)
Experts Steve Renals and Miroslav (Mirek) Novak
Table 4 ASR: Industry
Experts Vincent Pollet and Lori Lamel
Table 5 TTS (Report by Petko Petkov)
Experts Keiichi Tokuda and Tina Kohler
Table 6 TTS: multimodal speech synthesis
Experts David House and Ann Syrdal
Table 7 Prosody (Report by Tim Mahrt)
Experts Keikichi Hirose and Mark Hasegawa-Johnson
Table 8 Prosody
Experts Julia Hirschberg and Mari Ostendorf
Table 9 ASR
Experts Philip Woodland and Xavier Anguerra
Table 10 Multimodality/ Audio-Visual Speech Processing
Experts Christopher Davis and Jeesun Kim
Table 11 Multimodality/ Audio-Visual Speech Processing
Experts Bjorn Granstrom and Guillaume Gravier
Table 12 Dialogue systems
Experts Maxine Eskenazi
Table 13 Speech Applications (Report by Christian Gillot)
Experts Helmer Strik and Martin Russell
Table 14 Robust ASR (Report by Harm Buisman)
Experts Hsin-min WANG and Roger Moore
Table 15 Dialogue systems
Experts Jason Williams
Table 16 ASR neural networks
Experts Herve Bourlard and Dong Yu
Table 17 ASR machine learning
Experts Giampiero Salvi
Table 18 Affective computing
Experts Anton Batliner and Shrikanth Narayanan
Table 19 Dialogues in human computer interaction
Experts Nigel Ward and David Traum and Roberto Pieraccini
Table 20 Spoken language as media content (Report by Joao Felipe Santos)
Experts Kay Berkling and Martha Larson