Dear ISCA students:

Thank you for your participation for the student event at Interspeech2013.

Below you can find the tables you joined and their students' reports. The reports are posted in ISCA-SAC blogs by the reporters, and all the participants are welcomed to comment on and reply to the reports for further discussions.

We expect your discussions and share of your experiences on the event, which would make it much more valuable.


Table 1 ASR in industry (Report by Benjamin Lambert)
Experts Michiel Bacchiani and Kate Knill
Table 2 ASR: deep learning
Experts Li Deng
Table 3 ASR: general questions (Report by Andrea DeMarco)
Experts Najim Dehak
Table 4 Robust ASR
Experts Lee Kong Aik and John H.L. Hansen
Table 5 ASR: language model (Report by Sarah Samson Juan)
Experts Frederic Bechet and Tanja Schultz
Table 6 Speech synthesis and voice conversion (Report by Gang Chen)
Experts Nick Campbell and Yao Qian
Table 7 Speech synthesis and trends
Experts Keiichi Tokuda
Table 8 Prosody (Report by Barbara Samlowski)
Experts Plinio Barbosa and Petra Wagner
Table 9 Speech applications (Report by Narimene Lezzoum)
Experts Maxine Eskenazi and Julia Hirschberg
Table 10 Speech production, perception, articulatory models and phonetics (Report by Pia Nordgren)
Experts Catherine Best and Slim Ouni
Table 11 Multimodality / Multimedia (Report by Catharine Oertel)
Experts Helen Meng
Table 12 Machine Processing of Dialogue and Spontaneous Speech (Report by Raveesh Meena)
Experts Sophie Rosset and Olivier Pietquin