Dear ISCA students:

Thank you for your participation in the student event at Interspeech 2014.

Below you can find interviews, the tables you joined and their students' reports. All the participants are welcomed to comment on and reply to the reports for further discussions.

We expect your discussions and share of your experiences on the event, which would make it much more valuable.


Table ASR1 Automatic Speech Recognition (Report by Jochen Weiner)
Expert Isabel Trancoso
Table DIA Machine Processing of Dialogue and Spontaneous Speech (Report by Inigo Casanueva)
Experts Joakim Gustafson, Alexander Rudnicky
Table MM1 Multimodality/Multimedia (Report by Fei Tao)
Expert Alexandros Potamianos
Table REC1 Speaker Recognition/Verification/Diarization (Report by Karthika Vijayan)
Expert John Hansen
Table REC2 Speaker Recognition/Verification/Diarization (Report by Rohan Kumar Das)
Expert Najim Dehak
Table TTS1 Text To Speech (Report by Xin Wang)
Experts Alan Black, David Winarsky
Table ASR2 Automatic Speech Recognition (Report by Angel Mario Castro Martinez)
Expert Murat Akbacak