Organized by ISCA-SAC, the 2ND Doctoral Consortium was held on Thursday, September 8th, 2016 in ICSI, Berkeley, California.


The Doctoral Consortium provides students an opportunity to present their PhD projects to experts and peers and receive valuable feedback on research plans as well as interesting new ideas. This forum provides an invaluable and enriching experience for the students.

Experts included:

  • Stefan Scherer (ICT)
  • Helen Meng ( The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
  • Marcin Wlodarczak (Stockholm University)
  • Bernd Meyer (John Hopkins University)
  • Carlos Busso (The University of Texas at Dallas)
  • Angeliki Metallinou (Amazon)


The agenda and abstracts for each of the presentations are available for download:

  Attachment   Size
2nd Doctoral Consortium Agenda   31 KB
Haytham M. Fayek. "A Deep Learning Framework for Hybrid Linguistic-Paralinguistic Speech Systems."   332.34 KB
Jeremy H. M. Wong. "Ensemble methods and efficient decoding"   46.47 KB
Jochen Weiner. "Speech-Based Detection of Dementia in Spontaneous Conversational Speech"   66.45 KB
Michelle Renee Morales. "Crosslinguistic Multimodal Feature and Fusion Analysis for Automatic Detection of Depression."   91.17 KB
Rohan Kumar Das. "Text-independent Speaker Verification with Limited Test Data from the Perspective of Practical Systems."   27.63 KB
Lauren Ward. "Turning up the Background Noise; Optimizing Intelligibility and Comprehension of Broadcast Material.."   94.6 KB
Yishan Jiao et al. "Unsupervised estimation of speech rhythm, articulation, and phonation quality for clinical applications."   105.17 KB
Saeed Dabbaghchian. "Investigation of Tongue Motor Control During Speech Production A Model Based Study."   60.91 KB
Ganesh Sivaraman. "Articulatory features to address acoustic variability in Automatic Speech Recognition."   312.63 KB
Oliver Adams. "Interleaved Speech for Language Documentation."   96.65 KB