Organized by ISCA-SAC, the 5th Doctoral Consortium was held on Sunday, September 14th, 2019 in Graz, Austria.


The Doctoral Consortium provides students an opportunity to present their PhD projects to experts and peers and receive valuable feedback on research plans as well as interesting new ideas. This forum provides an invaluable and enriching experience for the students.

Board of experts:

  • Kate Knill (University of Cambridge)
  • Anouschka Foltz (University of Graz)
  • João Freitas (DefinedCrowd)
  • Ngoc Thang Vu (University of Stuttgart)
  • Hema Murthy (Indian Institute of Technology Madras)
  • Simon King (University of Edinburgh)
  • Sebastian Möller (Technical University of Berlin)
  • Dayana Ribas (University of Zaragoza)
  • Kyu Han (ASAPP)

The agenda and abstracts for each of the presentations are available for download:


  Attachment   Size
Agenda 5th Doctoral Consortium   71.31 KB
Protima Nomo Sudro - Intelligibility Enhancement of Cleft Lip and Palate Speech   330.81 KB
Lorenz Diener - The Impact of Audible Feedback on EMG-to-Speech Conversion   721.38 KB
Purvi Agrawal - Unsupervised Representation Learning for Robust Speech Recognition   292.71 KB
Grandee Lee - Cross-lingual Natural Language Modeling   494.027 KB
Anusha Prakash - End-To-End Speech Synthesis for Indian Languages   205.18 KB
Thilo Michael - Simulation of Conversational Behavior during Impaired Audio Transmissions   36.72 KB
Xiaxue Gao - Speaker-Independent Speech-to-Singing Conversion and Singing Synthesis   74.8 KB
Meysam Shamsi - Script Optimization for the Expressive Synthesis of Audio-books   89.15 KB
Yi Zhou - Many-to-many Cross-lingual Voice Conversion using Bilingual Phonetic PosteriorGram by an Average Modeling Approach   1000.76 KB
Sai Krishna Rallabandi - On Controlled DeEntaglement for Natural Language Processing   68.76 KB
Mingyang Zhang - Shared model for multi-source speech generation tasks   981.64 KB
Bhanu Teja Nellore - Applying production knowledge for speech signal processing   36.85 KB
Per Fallgren - Utilising large quantities of found speech data   981.64 KB
Seung Hee Yang - Automatic Speech Recognition-enabled Pronunciation Learning System Development for Second Language Speakers of Korean   36.85 KB