7th Doctoral Consortium @ Interspeech 2021 - Extended Abstracts now online!

The Student Advisory Committee of the International Speech Communication Association (ISCA-SAC) held its 7th Doctoral Consortium on Sunday, August 29th, 2021. This event gave doctoral candidates the opportunity to present and discuss their research with a panel of experts. The discussion included feedback on the evolution and progress of the students, in order to help them identify a road-map towards refining their thesis.

The panel of experts included: 

  • Prof. Alberto Abad
  • Prof. Junichi Yamagishi
  • Dr. Leibny Paola Garcia
  • Dr. Mirco Ravanelli
  • Prof. Visar Berisha


The extended abstract for each of the presentations can be found below:

Speaker Extended Abstract
Amber Afshan Towards understanding speaker perception and its applications to automatic speaker recognition
Amir Ivry Hands-free Speech Communication Using Deep Neural Networks
Debadatta Dash Neural Speech Decoding with Magnetoencephalography
Heather Weston Speech–breathing interactions under physical load
Yuka Naito The effects of musical experience and training on the perceptual learning of Japanese pitch accent