The mission of the ISCA Student Advisory Committee (ISCA-SAC) is to put forward ideas for the expansion of student activities within ISCA and to implement them.
Currently, our main goal is to increase the interaction among students and senior researchers. To this end, we organise a series of events during the annual Interspeech conference, where speech and language researchers from around the world meet.



The event gives PhD students the opportunity to engage in a discussion with early-career and senior researchers from academia and industry. ISCA-SAC aims at providing a warm environment for discussing questions concerning a variety of topics, such as research in academia and industry, equal opportunities, publishing, and professional development.

Editions: Graz (2019), Shanghai (2020), Brno (2021)


Students Meet Experts

The event consists of a panel discussion with experts from industry and academia, in which the questions of the student audience are discussed. All Bachelor, Master, and Phd students are invited to join. After the event students have the opportunity to meet the experts in person and follow up with more in-depth questions.

Editions: Lyon (2013), Singapore (2014), San Francisco (2016), Stockholm (2017), Hyderabad (2018), Graz (2019), Shanghai (2020), Brno (2021)


Doctoral Consortium

The event provides an opportunity for PhD students, especially those early in the process of identifying a thesis topic, to present their research and discuss it with a panel of experts. The discussion includes feedback on the evolution and progress of their research. It helps them to identify a road-map toward refining their thesis. The Doctoral Consortium is typically organized as an all-day event right before Interspeech.

Editions: Dresden (2015), San Francisco (2016), Stockholm (2017), Hyderabad (2018), Graz (2019), Shanghai (2020), Brno (2021)


Open Doors

The event consists of a visit to companies active in the field of speech communication. They present their technologies and products, which the students can test. This is followed by an open discussion and networking opportunities.

Editions: Stockholm (2017), Hyderabad (2018)


ISCA-SAC breakfast

Open meeting of ISCA-SAC during Interspeech to discuss the latest developments of the committee and to meet students who would like to become volunteers. Come join us!

Editions: every year